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What is the difference between normal wicks and wooden wicks?

Normal wicks are made out of Cotten. Our wicks are made out of wood and they also give off a nice crackle as they burn. 

What are the white marks around my candle?

These white marks are what’s called frosting. It is nothing to worry about and it won’t effect the burn time or quality of the smell at all. It is just a characteristic of using natural wax that some times happens. 

How long should my candle last?

If it is burnt properly then you should have about 40-45 hours Burn time.

Do I need to trim my Country Candle wick?

The first time you light your Country Candle it is suggested you do not trim the wick.  This is the only time it I s recommended not to trim the wick before you light the candle Before subsequent candle burns you should always ensure the wick is trimmed to 1/8. – 1/4 inch with scissors or a wick trimmer before lighting. This will help reduce soot residue.

Can I let my Country Candle burn until it goes out?

You should never burn your Country Candle down to the metal wick sustained.  You should always leave a small amount of wax in the bottom. 

How long should I burn my candle for?

If it is the first time of burning, allow around 3 hours as candles like everything have a memory and need to be burnt correctly to maximise your candles life. 

My flame seems to be a bit unsettled. Is this normal?

This is perfectly normal for the first time the candle is lit but will become more consistent in future burns.